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About Novosad Hayes Associates

In 1994, four business associates decided to come together to form Novosad Hayes Associates (NHA). Soon after, they brought in key staff members as Computer Systems Analysts, each one known to members of the partnership. The result is an expert team forged from an intricate web of business relationships that extend to nearly 30 years.

At NHA we focus on understanding our client’s core business, and then work to provide them with computer system solutions in context with the business and its people. We aren’t interested in technology for its dazzle or popularity – only for its correct contribution to our client’s business mission. In this way, we are able to guide our client’s staff so they can focus substantially more time on their core business responsibilities.

"From office to courtroom -workdays, weekend, or holidays –our firm has relied on Novosad Hayes or morethan a decade to provide us with state of the art technology, service andsupport that helps us sleep at night, knowing no matter what happens, they’vegot us covered."
The Hayes Law Firm

Experience Enduring Business Relationships

This principle of seeking an intimate understanding of our client’s business and people has been paramount to our success. Our first client engagement was scheduled to last two weeks beginning in 1995. We still have that first client and dedicate three full time staff to their needs.

We focus on updating computer systems for organizations with smaller IT staffs, or those whose workload won’t allow them to undertake lengthy, complex projects. Our engagements normally include computer systems and communications infrastructure design, installation and management; and, they include custom software development to support client core business processes. We usually spend three or more years with a client, and often retain ongoing relationships for computer systems operations and software support after our major work is complete.

Expertise in both Technology and Business Management

Over the course of our engagements, the growing trust with our clients means many come to us for support outside of the technical sphere. Such services include general management consulting, business and strategic planning as well as executive and management coaching.

NHA is relentlessly focused on providing computer systems solutions that make sense to the people and businesses that use them. Our clients are small to medium-sized businesses – a boutique law firm, large private money management firm, or national nutritional supplement manufacturer to name a few – and in every case we provide them with smart hard-working people who understand their needs.

At NHA, our purpose is to create solutions with more interest in the people than the technology.

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