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IT System-Wide Health & Security More Important than Ever

The cyber-attackers of the world are getting craftier every year. They’re hitting harder, and they’re finding ways in and through both private and business systems all around the world.

And when businesses experience a breach, the ramifications are considerable – starting with the money spent on fixing the problem, and then escalating to the possibility that depending on the size and scope, your private business nightmare could become the morning news.

Consider this:


of businesses who think they have backups, don’t.


The rise in cyberattacks and cybercrime on businesses in 2014


of firms go out of business within six months of a data breach

Know Your IT Vital Signs

The worst thing a physician can do when facing a personal health issue, is be their own diagnostician.

The same is true for your IT systems. Being on the inside means you know how it works, but like the doctor we can be desperately unaware of what’s missing.

Let Novosad Hayes take care of your annual check-up you need. Our IT Health services can determine if your business is ticking along in tip-top shape – from network analysis through to your security systems.

  • Wireless networks, routing, cabling, switching
  • Security systems, including spam, virus protection plus firewalls
  • Hardware, software plus back-up procedures
  • Disaster recovery, contingency plans and IT policy review

We’ll let you know if you’re good to go, or whether there’s a red alert – and get you back on your feet again.

“Over the past 10 years NHA has supported us with both IT and business strategy, helping us grow our business, increase our security, and save valuable resources. NHA’s service, professionalism, and integrity are at the top for the industry.”
Dean Kramer

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